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Inclusivity in Hiring Independent Talent.

We are technology company that bridges the gap between independent talent with disabilities and inclusive employers.



Are you physically abled differently?, You need a Gig?

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What they're saying.

Organizations need to realize that working with PWDs is no way a liability, instead they should look at us as potential employees and that sometimes we have the expertise and skills that other workers do not have.
Jones White,

What they're saying.

The platform provides full proof that PWD Gigs cares for everyone regardless of what disabilities they might be having.
Rabbeca Hills,

What they're saying.

PWD Gigs must have imagined how hard it is for one to get a job even when they have no disabilities at all. They just provided the right platform for PWDs to secure jobs in the Job market.
Tiphany Miles,

What they're saying.

PWD Gigs has an interest in finding the ideal match for both the employer and Job Seeker (PWD). They're kind and responsive and will do all they can to find great candidates for your openings.
Hanna Gabriel,

How it works.

1. Search for a job.

Search for a Job in the Find a jobs page. All the available jobs will be posted there.

2. Apply for the job.

After you find a job, apply and wait for our team to contact you, or you can contact the employer directly from the email provided. In case you can't find a job fill the form above and we'll make sure to fix you up with a gig.

3. Get your job.

Our team will then contact you and get you in touch with the employer.

What we are doing.

We are providing gigs for workers abled differently.

The platform enables anyone in Kenya and abroad to handle transactions and gigs in a secure, fast and professional manner.

We fulfill the gigs through our teams of qualified professionals in Nairobi and other towns in kenya.

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